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Raising the Briefcase No. 6 – Coming Off the Mountain

Roman Reigns’s injury is Dean Ambrose’s gain, Dolph Ziggler attempts to ascend the babyface ladder, Brock Lesnar is still on muscular viking sabbatical, and WWE apparently only has five main guys capable of being in the main event.  Join the Kings of Cast for more in-depth discussion of our beloved fake sport.

Raising the Briefcase No. 4 – Meet the New Champ, Same as the Old Champ

Cena shrugs in victory!
“What, me change or evolve?”

John Cena is champion again, shocking no one…but Chris Jericho is back!  But Daniel Bryan is still horribly injured…but AJ Lee is back!  Bad News Barrett got some bad news…but the Miz is back!  Can the returns of beloved (or in the Miz’s case, beloved only by Matt) superstars make up for the disappointments all around us?  Tune in to find out.

Recorded on July 5, 2014.

Raising the Briefcase No. 3 – Releases and the Hounds

Never forget.

Wow, this episode ended up being pretty long.  Still, there’s not much downtime in this shockingly full show.  The guys discuss the eleven released WWE employees (NOT JTG!), Stardust, the break-up of The Shield, potential Money in the Bank winners, and debuting Matt’s new favorite segment, The Rusev Report!

Raising the Briefcase: No. 1 – We Rule (Extremely)

Oh cruel irony!
Oh cruel irony!

It’s a working title, but we couldn’t wait any longer to get into the insane world of pro-wrestling.  The Kings of Cast are lifetime fans, and try to see wrestling as it should be as opposed to what it is.  Our first episode was recorded on the eve of Extreme Rules, and therein Ivan and newcomer Matt discuss the Wyatt Family, Daniel Bryan, the Shield, and…why Ric Flair is overrated?