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Beyond the Looking Glass No. 1 – A Sad Beginning (Depression)

In this inaugural episode of Beyond the Looking Glass, Jen, the newly dubbed Queen of Cast, leads a discussion with Ivan on women and depression, although the conversation takes turns into areas of gender, feminism, sexuality, and a host of other topics.

This is a new show about women, body image, sex, and other things that deserve a closer look.  The show is a bit of an experiment, and we’ll learn more about what the show is as we head down this road.  Listen in, and comment on our Facebook page, on our website, or on iTunes.  Thanks!

The Interview Everyone Project No. 4 – Artists and Eyes


Jen Morgart is an artist, teacher, production designer, and generally well-rounded human being.  Old high school acquaintances, Ivan and Jen cover a broad range of topics both personal and societal.  The conversation does go into some interesting territories, and while no real “dirty” words are used, topics do go into the realms of human sexuality and the male gaze, so if you find that you are sensitive to such things, be wary.  Otherwise, it was a great time, and we hope you enjoy it.