The Interview Everyone Project No. 1 – Cancer Cured Us

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Welcome to the first episode of the Interview Everyone Project.  While the information about the event noted is now obsolete, Kim’s story of her son and his battle against cancer is as contemporary as the most bleeding edge of technology.  Please listen to the story of a brave young boy, the continuum of empathy, and what a mother most looks forward to when challenged with such potential tragedy.

If you’re interested in the fight against Children’s Cancer, you can visit St. Baldrick’s at their website,

Time to Talk

In the words of one of my favorite wrestlers, all I’ve ever wanted is this little microphone.

I’ve loved podcasts since I discovered the IGN GameScoop podcast what feels like 10 years ago, and I’d wanted to start doing my own immediately afterwards.  I didn’t know about what, and I had no idea how to create these things, but the idea of radio shows, dedicated only to things that I already loved, downloaded to the device of my choosing, that I could listen to at any point in my day, was so captivating and wonderful that I knew that this was a world that I wanted to be a part of.

Around two years ago, some friends and I created a podcast about bad movies.  It was fun, and we watched goofy nonsense and mocked it, usually sticking to horror with an occasional action film tucked in to give us breaks from the gore.  I’ve never been a huge horror movie fan, but it worked for the podcast, and we had lots of laughs.

Still, we weren’t as diverse as I would have liked in terms of our film selection, and while we tried other things on the site with written content and a fairly steady stream of videos (that I wasn’t involved in), all I could ever really get myself to care about was our weekly podcast.  They were the things that I thought about when we weren’t working on the site, and I would, perhaps in my own delightful egoism, listen to them on my way to work and laugh at our unique brand of lunacy.

After almost two years, one of the owners of the site decided to go in a different direction (i.e. alone), and my time podcasting about bad movies was over.  I wasn’t upset, or offended, or anything like that.  Honestly, it only made me hungry.  Here was a chance to go my own way and go into a great number of different directions, creating unique and interesting audio that thousands could listen to at the gym, on their way to work, doing some work outside, or just taking a walk to their local library.

Now, along with my best friend of nearly twenty years, and perhaps a few others, I hope to entertain, inspire, and hopefully elicit a bit of conversation.  Ultimately, that’s what podcasts are: conversations that we have with the listener, albeit a little one-sided until we hear from those who download.

Soon, the Kings of Cast will launch.  The site will look better over time, of course, but we need to start somewhere.  This seems as good a place as any.