Raising the Briefcase No. 14 – The Next John Cena

Bayley and Izzy

A few hours before Hell in a Cell begins, listen to the Kings of Cast break down the card! They also gush about Takeover: Respect, wonder if they’ve we’ve witnessed Sting’s final match, create the Wyatt Family Jugband Jamboree, and decide who the next John Cena is. The answer, of course, is his Latino cousin, Juan Cena.

Alternatively, listen to the show AFTER Hell in a Cell, and see how wrong we were. The choice is yours! People Power!

Raising the Briefcase No. 13 – New Day Rocks

The-New-Day-WWE-665x385The Kings of Cast are back with a new wrasslin’ show to discuss a massive weekend of delightful playfighting. Ivan nearly cries over Sasha Banks vs. Bayley at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, Matt tears into the Bella Twins, and Dave luckily doesn’t mention the possibility of Fandango: future world champion. Also, per the title, everyone swoons over how The New Day has gone from an unfortunate situation for three talented guys into the most entertaining part of any show. It’s a typically long show, with a ton to talk about, so dive right in!


Raising the Briefcase No. 12 – The Passing of Giants

Rowdy Roddy Piper 4The Kings of Cast are back to discuss their memories of Dusty Rhodes and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, as well as perhaps the final fall of Hulk Hogan. They also take the time to discuss the rise of Cesaro, the awesomeness of The New Day, the Divas Revolution, and a whole lot more in one of their epic 2 1/2 Hour Podcast Spectaculars! Listen in, Briefcase Nation!

Raising the Briefcase No. 11 – OWENSWINSLOL

After several months MIA, the Kings of Cast (well, two of them) return to discuss the incredible changes that have taken place since Summerslam. Kevin Owens cleanly defeats the face of the company? The New Day is must-watch television? Damien Sandow is being horrifically wasted again? What is this world?! Plus, Dean Ambrose, potential Money in the Bank winners, madness on Lucha Underground and the potential demise of TNA. It’s quite a show, and we do it out of love. Or out of Matt’s kitchen.

Raising the Briefcase No. 10 – Briefcase of the Immortals

seth rollinsAfter what turned out to be quite a Wrestlemania, Ivan, Dave, and Matt sat down and talked for an exhaustive amount of time about the show and the implications thereof.  The best part of the podcast is how Ivan starts out by saying that this won’t be a typical long podcast, and it turns out to be super, super long.  Still, there’s a lot of entertainment here, and if you’re looking for funny and insightful wrestling discussion, you’ve come to the right place.

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Raising the Briefcase No. 9 – Before the Reigns Come

brock-lesnar-wwe-champion-paul-heymanBrock is sticking around, having turned down UFC for three more years in the WWE.  Reigns says he can, and he will, but the biggest question is whether or not he should.  Ivan and Dave spend some time talking about NXT and the current state of WWE before diving headlong into Wrestlemania predictions.  Excitement is…tempered, but still there.  Wrestlemania is this Sunday, people.  Let’s get good and disappointed!

The Interview Everyone Project No. 7 – Drive

Jordan Madama delivers things and he loves it.  He’s more than meets the eye, however.  Jordan has been animating bizarre little cartoons on the web since before Youtube even existed, having started when he was a teenager.  He’s driven across the country, from the Carolinas to California, and he’ll surprise you with who the biggest users of the US Postal Service are.  We also discuss what it’s like to grow up with a brother with special needs.  Listen on as Jordan, an old friend of Dave’s, has a few drinks and spins some yarns.

Raising the Briefcase No. 8 – The Agony and the Ecstasy

Roman wins...LOL?
Roman wins…LOL?

First off, apologies for the audio issues, as well as for the moments where Dave is hard to hear.  This was recorded en route to the Royal Rumble and on the return trip, as we attend the show live and chat about the show itself, the backlash facing one Roman Reigns, Lucha Underground, and the awesomeness that is Seth Rollins.

The Interview Everyone Project No. 6 – Of Passion and the Viola

It’s been a long time since the previous episode of the Interview Everyone Project, and for that we apologize.  We’ll try to make the gap between this episode and the next much, much shorter, but hopefully this episode will be worth it.

Melinda Riley is an old friend, but there are many things about old friends that we don’t know.  The conversation is broad, from music, to bullying, to education, to the Simpsons, and goes into trigger-warning territory, if you’re one of those people that finds themselves affected by discussion of sensitive topics.  Personally, Ivan found it enlightening.  We get a bit reflective on in the intro and outro of this episode, but that’s good.  It’s good to want to get better, which seems to be a theme of this episode.

Anyway, enjoy.  And thanks.

Raising the Briefcase No. 7 – We Went to An Indy Show!

Matt has a new Hero, and he is of the Chris variety.
Matt has a new Hero, and he is of the Chris variety.

Recorded just before CM Punk dropped wisdom on us via Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling (another delightful podcast), Ivan, Matt, and Dave checked out Jersey All Pro Wrestling’s anniversary show where they saw some kick-ass independent wrestling.  They also discuss the rise of Dolph Ziggler and Stiiiiiiiing.